Doraemon is a cat-type robot created on September 3, 2112 and travels in time with Sewashi, the great-grandson of Nobita, to protect Nobita from himself.


While he's always trying to do something in good faith, sometimes the magic tools he extracts from his 4-dimensional magic pocket in his navel make things even worse. Doraemon, known as the Blue Colored Robot Cat from the Future, is always well-intentioned, always smiling and unable to stop eating Dorayaki.


Nobita Nobi Image

Nobita, who is 10 years old, briefly called Nobi. Nobita is a very lazy, messy and also unsuccessful student. But above all, he has a clean heart.


As he fails in sports, he often gets zero in his exams, so musky that even lying down and tiring will tire him. On the other hand, Nobita is at the standards of an average Japanese school student. But his bad luck in childhood continues as a bad luck in adolescence. According to the information received from the future, this bad luck was even worse in his old age.


Nobita decides to make more effort with the help of Doraemon, when her great-grandchild Sewashi, in short, Soby, comes with the future Doraemon and tells Nobita about the misfortunes that await her in the future. But even with Doraemon, this will not be easy.


Nobita often asks himself this; "Why do I always make the worst choices?"


Shizuka MInamoto Image

Shizuka is Nobita's sweet and expressive classmate. In short, his friends call him Sue. Meticulous, neat, remarkable, athletic and keen-minded, Shizuka is a very popular girl at school. Shizuka, who is always with him to defend Nobita when needed, loves spending time with his friends and Nobita.


But when it comes time to choose a husband in the future, will we choose Nobita and we will see him all together.


Gian Goda Image

One of Nobita's classmates, Gian's real name is Takeshi. This name is not very frequent, but only uses the family. They also call the “Big G” at school. It is bigger than all of its friends not only with age but also with its body.


Giant, an incredibly bully and annoying kid around him, is actually emotional enough to value his friends and friendship. Contrary to its harsh appearance on the outside, it is quite docile at home. Gian's biggest dream is to be a famous singer, but unfortunately he has an unpopular talent in this regard.


Gian, who is overprotective of his brother Jaiko, is very afraid of his mother.


Sunep Honekawa Image

Suneo is also one of Nobita's classmates. Despite being as smart as Shizuka, as unobtrusive as he is, Suneo is pretty spoiled and is a pretty cool guy about his family's wealthy. Just like many arrogant people, in fact, Suneo is someone who does not fully trust himself, and sometimes he has a lot of height on his head.


He loves to show his friends and his friends the toys and video games he just bought. These toys are often in the hands of Suneo, even when they are not even in toy shops.


Dorami image

Dorami is the sister of Doraemon. He is more talented than his brother, and his ears are still in place. Like Doraemon, its color has not changed and is in its original yellow color. When Doraemon is in a difficult situation or busy, if Nobita experiences any difficulties, Nobita will take care of Nobita instead of her brother.

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